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Sealing principle

Concentricity makes all the difference.

The decisive advantage of a HYDROMAT® is the frictionlocked sealing principle, made possible by the concentric bearing-mounted valve disk.

A wide, massive seal virtually insensitive to normal stresses is vulcanised without stress in a circular groove within the valve disk. During closing of the valve, this seal comes to rest against the inside of the housing. At a valve position of around 82° the valve disk is friction-locked and seals securely. Even under the most extreme operating conditions, this sealing principle ensures very high operational reliability and, due to the dimensioning of the seal, guarantees decades of service for the HYDROMAT®.

Another advantage ensuing from the concentric bearingmounted valve disk is the favourable position of the valve disk in relation to flow, in which no turbulences arise and therefore minimises incrustation. The concentric bearing mounting enables smooth passage through the housing, without the pinching of the nominal width due to the sticking of seals as for eccentric valves (see photograph and illustration below).

A special feature of the HYDROMAT®, resulting from the concentric bearing-mounted valve disk, is the continuous shaft, which greatly enhances the rigidity and strength of the HYDROMAT®. These are outstanding advantages with the HYDROMAT®.




30 years in the pipeline network, seal in perfect condition. The valve is completely functional.   12 years in the pipeline network. The narrow sealing ring typical of eccentric valves is defective.
Smooth passage through the housing at nominal width   Pinching of nominal width due to sticking of seal