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The seal

The heart of the valve.

The concentric arrangement of the valve disk of a HYDROMAT® enables the use of an extremely wide and massive sealing element.

Under all operating conditions, with a large or a small number of operating cycles, impurities in the medium, detached incrustations or other foreign particles, the sealing element of a HYDROMAT® has sufficient reserves to guarantee sealing and thus operational reliability over decades.

In their advertising, manufacturers of eccentric valves emphasise the possibility of fast and cost-effective re-tightening or replacement of the sealing element. In practice, however, the question arises whether the valve can in fact be taken out of the system or out of the ground fast and cost-effectively. This is why we emphasise what is really expected of a sealing element in our advertising: namely sealing reliably, over the longest possible time.




Original cross-section of a sealHYDROMAT® DN200   Original cross-section of a sealECCENTRIC VALVE DN200