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Corrosion protection

The surface of a valve is what decides between functioning an corrosion.

Different surface coatings are used in the valve construction in order to protect the valve against environmental influences and corrosion. We have decided upon enamel, and there's good reason for this: Whatever theory and practice may claim, it is ultimately cost-effective use which is decisive. The particularly long life of enamels is altogether convincing here. An objective cost-benefit comparison, confirmed by a well-known utility, favours enamel.

During the enamelling process, a perfect bonding develops between the casting and the enamel, in which the materials fuse together at a temperature of around 850 °C. We speak accordingly of a composite material.

This is a physical reality and in no way merely an advertising argument. On the other hand, a coating is simply applied to the surface, as can be seen from the common abbreviations for coatings, such as EKB (electrostatic plastic coating).

One often hears that enamel is too brittle and chips away easily: this may be true if we turn the clock back 20 years, but today this view must be seen as prejudice. Modern enamelled materials are dimensionally extremely stable. A glass rod breaks, but not a fibreglass. The enamel used
for the HYDROMAT® is flexible and therefore resistant to impacts.

But what does "resistant to impacts" mean in the hard everyday world of building sites? Nothing whatever! If the enamel is damaged in spite of this, e.g. because someone had a bad day, the remaining composite layer prevents corrosion and infiltration. The HYDROMAT® remains protected and functional. Enamel has an extremely smooth surface, so that nothing can cling to the surface - from the well-known evil of incrustations to so-called "invisible" dirt, bacteria and other micro-organisms.

Enamel does not provide a breeding ground for bacteria, and entails no hygienic or physiological risks: the HYDROMAT®, in the truest sense of the word, completely clean.

The HYDROMAT® is a standard, completely enamelled valve. The outer side of the housing is of impact-resistant ground coat enamel with rugged two-component application. The inner side of the housing and the valve disk are of impact-resistant enamel.