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The better overall package is decisive.

The housing and the valve

The main components of a HYDROMAT® are in proven and dimensionally accurate quality, not in the least as the result of certified quality standards. The material used is EN-GJS-500-7, conforming with DIN EN 1563; that is, in plain GGG 40, the proven casting material for the construction of valves.

The valve seal and the shaft seal

These components are in proven EPDM rubber quality, in accordance with the guidelines of the German Association of Gas and Water Industries (DVGW) and the requirements of the KTW (German guideline for tolertation of drinking water) – recommendation of the Federal Office of Health (leaflet 86 6. communication ff. – so much for bureaucracy and theory). In practice, we take pleasure in submitting to any comparison. The design features of a HYDROMAT® and the dimensioning of the sealing element provide substantial safety reserves, ensuring several decades of trouble-free service.

The shaft and the screws

The shaft and the screws are made of stainless steel. Furthermore, the shaft, thanks to its four-fold sealing, has no contact whatever with the media, either externally or internally.
It has maintenance-free bushes and a standard interface for all conceivable actuating variants.
These are the parts which make up a HYDROMAT®. By contrast with eccentric valves, there are no clamping rings, retaining rings, set screws, spacer sleeves, adjusting screws, grooved dowel pins, etc.
And we all know from our own experience: in technical devices, the fewer the components, the less the risk of a malfunction.