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Our history

Hydromaten KG is a company of the Tröger + Entenmann Group, Heidelberg, and has manufactured HYDROMATEN ® butterfly valves, in concentric design, since 1953.
The basis of our business is our experience. Nevertheless, the fact that we own the patent for and built the first butterfly valve are not enough. Decisive is the continuous further development of a good idea.

The valve

The HYDROMAT® is an extremely robust butterfly valve with a concentric bearing-mounted valve disk, which due to its construction features guarantees decades of trouble-free service. Viewed in terms of the potential costs of replacement or repair, it is well worth its price.


The price and design of valves are determined today largely by the market. Thus, there are only limited possibilities to rise above the competition. Within these possibilities, however, there is a decisive difference: the service. Our customers experience the reliability of our HYDROMATS ® in terms of our service as well. Our valve and piping network service supports you with help and advice, from project planning to pressure testing. Today, tomorrow, and in future and, above all, for projects long since in operation.

The warranty

For the case that your company requires butterfly valves, our HYDROMATS® can offer you a technically faultless alternative to eccentric valves at a comparable price – guaranteed and with warranty.

The result

Your customers will be well served. Your sales force will be well pleased. Your technicians will be reassured.

And we nearly forgot...

Hydromaten KG utilises a QA System after the standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.
HYDROMATS® are tested and certified in accordance with DVGW.